ASUS ROG GL503VD Review: More Than Just A Gamer’s Machine!

The ASUS ROG GL503VD isn’t the chunkiest laptop that I have ever seen, but it’s also definitely not the most lightweight. This laptop is 38.4cm in width, around 2cm in thickness, and weighs 2.30kg (with battery). Despite that, it’s still relatively thin when compared to the other laptops in its class.


  • Elegant, sleek design
  • Good display
  • Fit for gamers and content creators
  • Nice loudspeakers


  • The fans can get too loud
  • Struggles a bit with multitasking

Grab ASUS ROG GL503VD below:

It appears that ASUS has found the right balance with the ROG GL503VD. Unlike most of the competition, the GL503VD is more than just a gamer’s machine!

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